Guardianship association; application for recognition

Guardianship associations assume an important task in the guardianship system. They endeavour, among other things, to recruit voluntary guardians and various caregivers, to introduce them to their tasks and to provide them with further training, as well as to advise and support authorised representatives in the performance of their tasks. They also provide information on a regular basis about providential powers of attorney and care dispositions.

Concept on the planning of the fulfilment of tasksAssociation statutesInsurance certificateCertificate of non-profit statusEvidence of the number, training and career or other qualifications of full-time staff and miscellaneous staffPolice clearance certificate for each employee or confirmation from the association that such a certificate is available without registration.

An association with legal capacity can be recognised as a guardianship association if it ensures that ithas a sufficient number of suitable employees and will supervise them, train them and insure them adequately against damage which they may cause to others in the course of their work,makes planned efforts to recruit volunteer guardians, to introduce them to their tasks, to provide them with further training and to advise and support them, as well as authorised representatives, in the performance of their tasks,provides regular information on health care proxies and guardianship decrees,facilitates an exchange of experience between the staff.In addition, the management of the guardianship work must be assigned to one or more professionals suitable in terms of training or professional experience, who are not in a relationship of dependency or other close relationship with institutions in which persons for whom a staff member of the association is appointed as guardian are accommodated or reside.The guardianship association must undertake to submit an annual activity report to the recognition authority, which in particular provides information on the number and type of guardianships taken on as well as the number of volunteer individual guardians/diverse individual guardians introduced, trained and advised by the association in their tasks and presents the costs and financing of the administrative and guardianship work.

The recognition may be geographically limited.Recognition is revocable and may be granted subject to conditions.An annual activity report must be submitted.In addition to the above-mentioned compulsory tasks, advice may also be given in individual cases on the establishment of powers of attorney for health care.
You can send the application with an informal letter to the government in whose district the association has its seat.

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