Land use plan and development plan; application for approval

Land use plans and certain development plans require approval by the relevant competent authority.

Land use plans and certain development plans may only be put into effect if they have been approved. The preparation and amendment of land use plans always require approval. Development plans only require approval if they are not developed from the land use plan, although the approval requirement does not apply if the development plan is drawn up in an accelerated procedure (Sections 13a, 13b BauGB).

Approval for the plans of municipalities belonging to a district is granted by the district administration offices. In the case of plans and statutes of independent cities or large district towns, the respective government is responsible for deciding on approval. Details are regulated by the Zuständigkeitsverordnung im Bauwesen (ZustVBau).

Approval may only be refused if the plan or bylaws have not been properly drawn up or are contrary to the Building Code or other legal provisions.

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