Abgeschlossenheitsbescheinigung mit Aufteilungsplan; Beantragung Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Für die Eintragung von Sondereigentum an Wohnungen oder sonstigen Räumen in das Grundbuch ist ein Aufteilungsplan und eine Abgeschlossenheitsbescheinigung erforderlich.

For the registration of separate ownership of apartments or of rooms not used for residential purposes in the land register, a partition plan and a certificate of seclusion must be submitted to the land registry.

  • Construction drawing for partition plan in duplicate

    (at least on a scale of 1 : 100), which in particular shows how the common and special property are located in relation to each other and delimited from each other and that the apartments and other rooms are self-contained. In this context, all individual rooms belonging to the same condominium etc. must be given the same number in the construction drawing.


The partition plan is a construction drawing showing the division of the building as well as the location and size of the parts of the building owned individually and in common. The partition plan must be signed and sealed or stamped by the building authority (district offices, independent cities, large district towns and the municipalities to which the tasks of the lower building supervisory authority are assigned).

In the certificate of seclusion, the building authority must confirm that the apartments or other rooms are self-contained.

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