Advanced training examination according to BBiG acceptance

With a further training examination, you can, for example, obtain a degree as an industrial master, business economist, business economist or the Bachelor / Master Professional. In order to take part in a further training examination, you must already have an initial professional qualification. This is, for example, a completed vocational training. Depending on the desired degree, you may have to meet further admission requirements and, for example, have work experience. The office responsible for your desired degree will be happy to advise you on the respective requirements. You should prepare well for the content of the respective training examination. For this purpose, there are, for example, courses from private providers and materials for self-study. However, this is not a legal requirement for admission to the examination. Depending on the profession and federal state, different bodies are responsible for taking the examination. Usually, these are the chambers of industry and commerce, professional chambers or other bodies responsible for vocational training. The regional office responsible for you will inform you about examination opportunities in your region. If the training examination is not carried out at your site, you will find out where you can alternatively turn. The advanced training examination is taken and evaluated by a voluntary examination board. Advanced training examinations consist of several examinations, which you have to take on different examination dates as a written knowledge test and as a practical or oral examination.

Certified copy of the professional qualification Tabular list of professional career Official photo ID for identification during the examination If necessary, confirmation by the employer of the industry-specific activities with a duration of time

Form: "Application for examination of admission requirements" If necessary, online application for "Operational Order", "Report", "Project Work" and "Specialist Task" required If applicable, form: "Application for compensation for disadvantages" required Online procedure possible: partly possible Written form required: yes Personal appearance: required for examination As a rule, the regionally responsible body will make all applications available to you as a download on the website.

The admission requirements differ in each case according to the desired training qualification and are listed in the corresponding ordinance As a rule, a professionally suitable vocational training is necessary Depending on the desired degree, a certain professional experience may have to be proven

By successfully passing the final examination, you will achieve an educational qualification at levels 5-7 in the German Qualifications Framework.
General information on the advanced training examinations can be found on the website of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce: Information on continuing education examinations Examination offers and further information on the subject of continuing education and training examinations can be found on the website of the Continuing Education Information System of the Chambers of Industry and Commerce: Continuing Education Information System

Before you decide to take a further training examination, you should seek advice from the competent authority on the examination admission requirements and, if necessary, take advantage of preparatory training offers. To be admitted, submit an application for admission to the examination at the competent authority. After successful admission to the advanced training examination, you will receive an invitation to all parts of the examination (written and practical or oral). Written and oral or practical examinations usually take place on different days. At the examination location, you must identify yourself as an eligible participant with proof of identity and the examination registration. As a rule, you will find out the preliminary results of the written examination before taking your last oral or practical examination. If you have taken part in all parts of the advanced training examination, you will usually receive an immediate notification as to whether you have passed the advanced training examination. After your overall result has been determined by the Audit Committee, it will be transmitted to the competent authority. Your examination certificate will then be drawn up and sent to you.

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