Substitute school recognition

An approved substitute school which guarantees that it constantly meets the approval requirements without significant complaints may, at the request of the institution, grant the status of a recognised substitute school. Recognised substitute schools are obliged to observe the provisions applicable to corresponding schools under public ownership when admitting and transfer pupils, acquiring qualifications and conducting examinations, unless the school authority has adopted other regulations with the consent of the ministry responsible for schools. Students of recognised substitute schools may enter public schools of the same type without prior entrance examination; the provisions applicable to public schools shall apply accordingly. Certificates and transfer decisions of the recognised substitute schools and the qualifications acquired there have the same validity as the corresponding schools under public ownership.

When submitting an application, the following documents must be attached: an overview of the development of the number of pupils and the development of the number of teachers and the number and content of teacher training courses since the opening of the school, proof of the implementation of the approved timetables of the respective training course, in the case of vocational training courses, including the implementation of the internship requirements, a report on the results of the previous non-student examinations, a report on the development of classrooms and equipment, including teaching materials, and a self-evaluation of the state of development of the pedagogical concept, insofar as deviations from the regulations of a corresponding school under public ownership or a special pedagogical concept have been approved.

Form: no Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no, but various school visits by the state school office

Guarantee that without significant complaints, the approval requirements are constantly met
§ 123 Brandenburg School Act BbgSchulG § 8 and § 9 Substitute School Permit Ordinance ESGAV

The award of the status of a recognized substitute school must be applied for in writing by the school authority to the licensing authority. The procedure is carried out as a comprehensive multi-year accompanied procedure by the State Board of Education.

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