Vocational high school admission

The vocational gymnasium comprises grades 11 to 13 and is located at a secondary school centre (OSZ). At the vocational grammar schools, the general university entrance qualification can be acquired with a career-oriented focus. These focal points are social services, technology and the economy. Accordingly, the following subjects can be taken: Pedagogy and psychology in a career-oriented form in the focus on social services, Electrical engineering, design and media technology or mechanical engineering in the focus area of technology and Economics in a job-oriented form as well as business informatics in the focus on economics. The upper secondary school at the vocational high school is divided into a one-year introductory phase (grade 11) and a two-year qualification phase (grades 12 and 13).

Eligibility to attend the upper secondary school (fachoberschulreife with qualification note)
Registration for upper secondary schools at vocational grammar schools at upper secondary schools (OSZ): in February (concrete dates are published annually) at the school attended in grade 10.

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Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the State of Brandenburg
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