register for the European elections as a German or German abroad in the voters' register

If you live abroad as a German or German, you can still take part in the European elections. To do so, you must register on request in the voters' register.

Application pursued to Annex 2 to the European Election Regulations

Annex 2 to the European Election Regulations The forms are also available from diplomatic and consular missions abroad.

As a German or German abroad, you can register in the Register of voters if you are Germans or Germans within the meaning of Article 116 paragraph 1 of the Basic Law, are at least 18 years old on election day are not excluded from the right to vote have held or otherwise habitually reside in a Member State of the European Union for at least 3 months on election day, or after reaching the age of 14, have held an apartment in the Federal Republic of Germany for at least three months without interruption or have otherwise habitually resided and this residence was not more than 25 years ago, or for other reasons, you have personally and directly acquired familiarity with the political situation in the Federal Republic of Germany and are affected by them, in all cases, have submitted a written application in accordance with Annex 2 to the European Election Regulations by the 21st day before the election, which includes a corresponding declaration on oath instead of also to the effect that you do not vote in any other Member State or in any other German municipality
You can register as a German abroad or a German abroad enter the voters' register for the European elections as follows let: You submit an application in accordy with Annex 2 of the European Election Regulations to the last municipality in which you had an apartment or otherwise habitually resided before moving abroad. If you have never lived in Germany, the application must be submitted to the district office Berlin Mitte. The authority decides on the application and at the same time sends postal voting documents or a negative decision

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