Apply for a polling card (postal vote)

Would you like to vote in another polling station or vote by post? For this you need a polling card. You can find out how to get it here.

You have received a voter notification, but you cannot appear in the polling station on election day. In this case, you can apply for election documents for a postal vote. This contains the ballot paper.

The election notification indicates where you are applying for the documents for postal voting.

If you are unable to use the designated polling station due to a disability, you can also apply for a polling card.

If you pick up your ballot paper and postal voting documents in person at the city or municipal administration, you have the option of casting your vote on site. The administration ensures that you can mark your ballot paper unobserved and place it in the ballot envelope.

  • Voter notification
  • Power of attorney if a third party is to submit the application for you or receive your documents


They are entitled to vote for the election in question and are entered in the voters' register.
You have received a voter notification.


The submission of the election documents is postage-free within the Federal Republic of Germany.

If you cannot cast your vote by postal ballot alone because of a physical impairment or because of writing and reading problems, another person may help you with this. Your helper must be at least 16 years old and confirm by an assurance on oath that the ballot paper has been marked according to your declared will.

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You can apply for your polling card as follows:

  • You speak personally at the city or municipal administration and pick up the ballot paper there,
  • You submit a written application use the form on the back of the election notification,
  • You apply for the ballot paper electronically, if your city or municipality offers such a procedure (online application, e-mail),
  • You ask a representative who has your written authority to collect the documents for you.

A telephone application is not possible.

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