Apply for an operating licence for branch pharmacy Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If a state of emergency occurs in the supply of medicines due to the lack of pharmacies to supply the population, you can apply for permission to operate a branch pharmacy at a nearby pharmacy. Branch pharmacies have less equipment than normal pharmacies, but it is also regulated by law. Branch pharmacies must be managed, the administrator needs the approval of the competent authority. You are usually not granted permission for more than one branch pharmacy. Permission will be granted to you for 5 years and may be re-issued.

Declaration of full business capability German Approbation as pharmacist curriculum vitae medical health certificate Leadership certificate Document type 0 Notification whether and, where appropriate, where you operate one or more pharmacies in one Member State of the European Union or in another State Party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or in a Contracting State to which Germany and the European Union have contractually granted a legal right to do so. Proof that you have the required operating rooms The competent authority may also request further documentation.

Different regulations in the countries.

There is a state of emergency in the supply of medicines. They have the legally required rooms. You are the owner*In a nearby pharmacy.
If you start a branch pharmacy, apply for permission in writing: You submit your written application to the LAVG. The LAVG may request further documents. The operating licence is issued if the LAVG determines that the legal requirements have been met. In the event of a new opening, an appointment is agreed for the inspection of the pharmacy ready for operation before the start of operations.