Apply for an operating permit for hospital pharmacy Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

An operating permit is required for the operation of a hospital pharmacy.

An operating licence for a hospital pharmacy must be applied for in writing to the competent authority.

Documents in accordance with § 14 of the Pharmacy Act must be submitted.

More detailed information on the type and scope is provided by the respective locally competent authority.

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If the competent authority determines that the requirements of § 14 of the Pharmacy Act are met, the operating permit must be granted in accordance with the application.

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  • First of all, you should contact your competent authority to describe your project and discuss the scope of the documents to be submitted.
  • Next, make a full written request.
  • Your application will be examined by the competent authority.
  • If necessary, the competent authority shall request further documents.
  • If the requirements of the Pharmacy Act are met, you will be granted an operating permit.
  • Pharmacy operations may only be started after an inspection by the competent authority.

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