Night care for legally insured persons Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

Night care is intended to support home care. You can take advantage of night care services if home care cannot be adequately ensured or if this is necessary to supplement or strengthen home care. Within the limits of the benefit, the nursing care fund assumes the care-related expenses, including the expenses for care, and the expenses for the medical care services required in the institution. On the other hand, the costs of accommodation and meals as well as separately calculated investment costs must in principle be borne privately. Night care facilities care for people in need of care who need help with bedtime, getting up and taking care of their bodies. Night care facilities are often used by demented people who have a disturbed day-night rhythm. If they are housed in a night care facility at night, the relatives can sleep through and take care of the patients again during the day. Patients in need of care grades 2 to 5 can take part-stationary day and night care in addition to outpatient care benefits, care allowances or the combined benefit in accordance with Section 38, without any credit being made to these claims.

Check with your nursing home which documents are required and whether there is a special application form.

Gegebenenfalls steht ein besonderes Antragsformular zur Verfügung (zu erfragen bei Ihrer Pflegekasse).

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Schriftform erforderlich: ja

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Night care must be applied for at the care fund It applies to patients with care levels 2 to 5 if home care cannot be adequately ensured or night care is necessary to supplement or strengthen home care. Patients with care level 1 can use a benefit amount of 125 euros for night care. This amount corresponds to the monthly relief contribution.
You can apply for night care benefits in writing from your nursing care fund: Information on the required documents and procedure can be obtained from your care fund. Submit your application and necessary documents to your care fund. You will receive a permit from your care fund if all requirements are met.