Healing treatment for war victims granted Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

As a damaged persons, you are entitled to medical treatment for recognised health disorders. If you are seriously damaged, benefits are also granted for non-care sufferers if and to the extent that they are not otherwise guaranteed (e.B. by membership in the statutory health insurance); under the same conditions, the family members and carers of the severely injured persons and all survivors may benefit from medical treatment. The type and extent of the benefits generally correspond to those of statutory health insurance. The healing treatment includes: outpatient medical and dental treatment, Supply of pharmaceuticals and dressings, Supply of remedies including physiotherapy, exercise therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy as well as glasses and contact lenses Supply of dentures, treatment in a hospital (hospital treatment), Treatment in a rehabilitation facility, home nursing, Supply of aids, stress testing and work therapy, non-medical social paediatric services, Psychotherapy as medical and psychotherapeutic treatment and sociotherapy.

Request (informal possible) Certificate of recognition as a damaged or severely damaged Insured card of the health insurance company Certificate of injury consequences by the Utility Authority

informal application is possible Forms can be requested from the competent authority in accordance with the respective national law or are already stored on the homepage.

Health disorders recognised as a result of injury or caused by a recognised consequence of injury (causality)

Merkblatt zur Heil- und Krankenbehandlung

In principle, medical treatment services are provided on request. The following services are provided directly by the State Office for Social Affairs and Care (LASV) and must be applied for there: dentures Aids, orthopaedic care exercise therapy speech therapy occupational therapy Stress testing Work therapy Bathing cures, Replacement services, Guide dog allowance, Inthebody exercises, Flat rate for clothes and linen wear Grants for dentures, Contributions to pension/unemployment insurance, Retirement insurance in the case of pension sickness benefit All other benefits are provided by the health insurance fund for the care administration. If you are not a member of a health insurance company as a legitimate person, you can contact a statutory health insurance company of your choice. They are then insured through a family member who is a member of a statutory health insurance fund or are allocated to the statutory general local health insurance fund.