Apply for a post-certification of a birth abroad at the Registry Office I in Berlin

If you or your child was born abroad, you can apply for the subsequent certification of the birth. There is no legal obligation to re-notarization. Also, a proper foreign birth certificate (possibly with translation, legalization or apostille) proves the fact of the birth. A post-certification can be useful if the name or the parentage relationships are to be proven bindingly in Germany. Furthermore, the registry office I in Berlin can issue you with new documents (also multilingual) at any time after notarization. If the German parent was born abroad after 31.12.1999, the child acquires German citizenship in the case of habitual residence abroad only if the certification of the birth in the German birth register is applied for within one year of the birth of the child, unless the child would otherwise become stateless.

As a rule, you will need the following documents: Complete foreign birth register extract or if not available birth certificate of the child, if necessary with translation, legalization or apostille Birth certificates of the parents, if necessary with translation, legalization or apostille Parents' ID cards if applicable, certificate of naturalisation or citizenship card if the mother is or was married: Marriage certificate, possibly with translation, legalization or apostille and in the case of termination of marriage: proof of dissolution if the parents are not married to each other: where applicable, proof of recognition of paternity and the mother's declaration of consent where applicable, proof of joint parental authority The presentation of further documents may be required. This depends on the foreign document system and can only be assessed after examination of the application.

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The child has acquired German citizenship by descent from a German parent or by naturalization. Eligible applicants are the person to be entered himself their parents their children the spouse or partner There has never been a residence in Germany for the child or the applicant (then the registry office I in Berlin is responsible)

In principle, the application for a residence abroad can be made via the German diplomatic mission abroad. All documents and ID cards must be presented there in the original. If necessary, certified copies can be made at the diplomatic mission abroad, for which further fees will be charged. As a rule, the diplomatic mission abroad can also determine whether a name declaration is required. In this case, a corresponding declaration can be taken up on site.

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