Information from the purchase price collection Grant

The expert committees for land values carry out a purchase price collection for their areas of responsibility. The purchase price collection includes, among other things, information on contracts for the purchase and exchange of land, parts of land and rights to land. In order to carry out the purchase price collection, the expert committees receive and evaluate land purchase and exchange contracts primarily from the certifier bodies (e.B.g. notaries). The purchase price collection may be used, inter alia, to determine comparative prices, which are used to determine comparative values in the comparative value method. The purchase price collection is not intended for the public. Information from the purchase price collection can be obtained on request if you present a legitimate interest.

To demonstrate the legitimate interest, please submit appropriate documents.

On request, you will receive information from the purchase price collection if you can demonstrate a legitimate interest in this. The authorization in individual cases is governed by Section 11 bbgGAV. The legitimate interest shall be accepted when applications are submitted by authorities or experts for land valuation.
You request the information from the purchase price collection in writing to the office of the competent expert committee. If you can present a legitimate interest, you will receive the requested purchase price information in anonymised form without specifying owners or other personal data if there are suitable purchase cases.