Change of main residence

As a reportable person, you must notify the registration authority of any change in your main residence within two weeks.

If you have several apartments in Germany and the status of your apartment has changed (main residence is now used as an adjoining dwelling or secondary residence is now used as a main residence without moving into or moving into a new or from a previous apartment), then you are obliged to inform the competent registration authority.

Main residence is:

  • If you are married or in a civil partnership: the predominantly used apartment of the family or civil partnership. This also applies if you only live temporarily separated from your family or life partner.
  • If you are married or in civil partnership and live permanently separated: Your predominantly used apartment.
  • If you are a minor: the predominantly used home of your parents or foster parents. If they live separately, the main residence is the apartment in which you mainly live.
  • Only if the predominantly used apartment cannot be determined beyond doubt, the focus of the life relationships must be taken into account. Indications for this are, for example, the type of housing, personal ties, social and local political activities as well as membership in associations and other organizations.

At the same time, you are obliged to inform the registration authority which other apartments (secondary dwellings) you have in addition to the main residence in Germany.

Secondary apartment is any additional apartment in the country. You can thus have a main residence and several secondary apartments.

Please bring an identity document (for example, identity card or passport as proof of identity and to change the apartment details).

Some registration authorities offer forms on the Internet.

  • Online procedure possible: basically no
  • Written form required: possible
  • Personal appearance necessary: basically yes

If the registration authority of your place of residence has opened Internet access for registration matters, you can transmit the required information using a qualified electronic signature in accordance with the Signature Act on this access.


They have several apartments in the country.

Your previous main residence will be used by you as an adjoining dwelling or your previous secondary residence as your main residence.

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The personal appearance at the responsible registration authority is mandatory.

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