Residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment Issuance to find a job for qualified professionals with academic training

You can obtain a residence permit to look for a job for professionals if you have completed a university degree. If you do not have a German university degree, your degree must either be recognised or comparable to a German university degree. You can already make the recognition or determination of comparability before you enter Germany (see further information). If you are already in Germany, you can obtain a residence permit to look for a job if you were in possession of a residence permit for work or a residence permit for the purpose of the EU study-related internship immediately beforehand. If you wish to work in a regulated profession, the required professional exercise permit must already be issued or promised when the residence permit is issued to find a job. Regulated professions are professional activities the taking up or exercise of which is linked by legal or administrative provisions to the possession of certain professional qualifications. Professions regulated in Germany include .B doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, educator or engineer. With the residence permit to look for a job, you can carry out a trial job which enables the qualification to be practised for up to ten hours per week. The residence permit is issued for up to six months.

Valid passport or passport replacement Visa if this was necessary for entry to Germany Current biometric photo Original of the certificate of successfully completed higher education In the case of foreign university degrees: decision on the recognition or comparability of the university degree, certificate assessment by the Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB) where available In the case of regulated professions: professional licence or commitment to grant Proof of subsistence (e.B. equity, blocked account, commitment) Proof of your health insurance Current registration certificate lease In individual cases, the immigration authority may request further documents

Online procedure possible in some cases Written form required Personal appearance required

You have a recognised and valid passport or passport replacement and, if this was necessary for entry to Germany - a suitable visa. There is no interest in expulsion against you. Your stay does not endanger or affect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. You own - a German, - a recognised foreign or - a German university degree comparable to a foreign university degree The subject of your job search is employment as a specialist. Where necessary, you have a professional licence or a commitment to grant it. You can secure your livelihood and health insurance cover from your own resources without using public services.
Federal Government portal for skilled workers from abroad Federal Government information portal on the recognition of foreign professional qualifications:

The procedure is as follows: Depending on the immigration authority and concerns, it may be possible to apply via the Internet. Find out if your immigration authority offers the electronic application for a residence permit. If the application is only possible in person, make an appointment with the immigration authority. During the appointment, your application will be accepted and your evidence will be checked (bring it with you to the appointment). Your fingerprints will be taken for the production of an electronic residence permit (eAT card). In the event of an electronic application, the immigration authority will contact you after receipt of your online application in order to make an appointment at the immigration office if necessary. During the appointment, your proofs will be checked (bring them to the appointment) and your fingerprints will be taken for the production of the electronic residence permit (eAT card). If your request is met, the immigration authority will arrange for the eAT card to be produced. After about six to eight weeks, you can pick up the eAT card from the immigration office. The eAT card must always be taken up in person.