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Information on soil guideline values is needed for a variety of purposes: You want to buy or sell a plot of land and find out about the level of land prices in the region? Do you need land guideline values for tax purposes, e.B. for property tax? You have a general interest in the real estate market and want to find out about land prices? The property value appraisal committees offer you various ways to get the information you need. You can view the soil guideline values at the offices of the expert committees on site or via Internet portals or the Soil Guideline Value Information System Germany (BORIS-D). This gives you an overview of the soil guideline values easily, quickly and free of charge. You can apply for written information or official excerpts from the soil guideline value map from the responsible expert committee for property values.


Forms: none Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes, in case of application for written information or excerpt from the soil guideline values Personal appearance required: no

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Written information or excerpts requested by you will be prepared and sent. You can independently prepare and retrieve standardized information from the soil reference value map (building areas) via Internet portals of your regions. When viewing the soil guideline values via the Internet, you can use a location or address search to define the desired area and view the soil guideline values immediately.

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