Expert opinion on the market value (market value) of developed and undeveloped land

If you want to sell a developed or undeveloped plot, it may make sense to have the market value (market value) of the property determined to determine the purchase price. Likewise, in the case of inheritance disputes between property heirs, an independent expert opinion helps to avoid disputes. The market value (market value) of land is determined by independent, independent expert committees and reported in market value appraisals. The expert opinions have no binding effect, unless otherwise specified or agreed. Market value appraisals are also prepared by specially trained publicly appointed and sworn in or certified experts (appraisers).

To prove the eligibility to apply, please submit appropriate documents (e.B. identity card, land register extract or extract from the real estate cadastre of the property to be assessed). Further documents about the valuation object (e.B. construction plans of buildings) can be important for the valuation. If you have such documents, please submit them.

Forms: none Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: basically yes

Upon request, you will receive an expert opinion on the market value of land if you property owners, beneficiaries equivalent to property owners, holders of other rights to the land, or persons entitled to a reserved portion for whose reserved portion the value of the land is important, are. Furthermore, the expert committees for property values provide market value appraisals if the authorities responsible for the implementation of the Building Code, the competent authorities responsible for determining the value of land or compensation for land, or Courts and judicial authorities apply for it.

Contact details of the expert committees for property values

In order to reimburse a market value appraisal, please send a corresponding application to the office of the responsible expert committee. First of all, your eligibility to apply will be checked on the basis of the documents submitted. In preparation for the appraisal, the valuation object (property) is inspected by employees of the office, and the documents are evaluated. The expert committee inspects the valuation object and decides on the market value. The report will be completed and sent to you. Finally, the cost notice is sent.

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