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Ethnic German repatriate certificate exhibition Ethnic German repatriates: German ethnic members from the successor states of the former Soviet Union and other former Eastern Bloc countries Personal registration in the initial reception centre in Friedland Person receives registration certificate confirms that certification procedure has been initiated Ethnic German repatriate certificate is sent after presentation of a registration certificate from the local authority following the place of residence Spouses, children or grandchildren who have been included in the admission decision receive a "certificate as spouse or descendant of a ethnic German repatriated" The certificate provides people with facilities for integration into social, cultural and professional life in Germany Acquisition of German nationality with issue of the certificate responsible: Federal Administration Office
If you have received a letter of admission as a late repatriated and are registered in Germany at your new place of residence, you will receive the certificate as a late repatriated and thus German citizenship. You are considered a late repatriated or a late repatriated if you are of German descent and live in a state of the former Eastern Bloc or the successor states of the former Soviet Union. Your stay in Germany must be justified and approved via a special admission procedure. After entering the Federal Republic of Germany, you will first come to the Friedland initial reception centre of the Federal Administration Office. There you and your family members go through a registration and distribution procedure. You will receive a registration form confirming your participation in the procedure. You will then be assigned to a state to which you and your family will relocate. You will then receive a certificate from the Federal Administration Office ensulation that you are a ethnic German repatriate or a relative. At the same time, you will receive German citizenship with this certificate and are thus entitled to benefits such as pension and statutory accident insurance, the Federal Employment Agency or the social welfare offices.
Forms: none Online procedure possible: no Written form required: no Personal appearance necessary: no


They meet the ethnic German repatriation characteristics (BVFG). You have gone through the admission procedure for ethnic German repatriates. After your entry into the Federal Republic of Germany, you have been assigned to a federal state and registered with the responsible residents' registration office there.

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You do not have to apply for the certificate yourself, but receive it automatically. After you have gone through the admission procedure in the initial reception centre of the Federal Administrative Office in Friedland, the certification procedure will also be initiated. They are then assigned to a state. Their family ties, work, employment and training opportunities are taken into account. If you wish, you can submit a declaration of name during the registration and distribution procedure (for example, to adapt your first and last name to German usage). The ethnic German repatriate certificate will then be sent to you by post to your place of residence.

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