Proof of disposal confirmation exemption

Disposal, i.e. recovery or disposal, including the collection and transport of hazardous waste, is subject to a waste detection procedure. Waste producers as well as owners, carriers, collectors and disposal companies of hazardous waste are obliged to do so. Excluded are households and small volume producers who produce no more than two tonnes of hazardous waste per year. If the disposal company is approved for the privileged procedure, your proof will be valid under federal law without official confirmation. These waste disposal companies are usually waste disposal companies and have been given an exemption number for the privileged procedure.

Mandatory forms of the Proof Ordinance (responsible declaration by the producer (DEN, VE, DA), declaration of acceptance (AE)) including appropriate declaration analysis

Form name: Responsible declaration by the producer (DEN, VE, DA), Declaration of acceptance (AE) If necessary, link to the aforementioned form: Only possible electronically via the electronic verification procedure Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Access to the electronic verification procedure by a mailbox directly at the Central Coordination Office of the Länder (ZKS) or via a provider. An electronic signature card is required for the necessary electronic signature of the proof documents. This signature card is available from various vendors.
Information on many fundamental questions of the verification procedure can be found on the following pages:

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preparation of the Responsible Declaration (DEN, VE, DA) by the producer, Supplementation of the declaration of proof with the declaration of acceptance (AE) of the disposal company, Submission of electronic evidence to the disposal authority,

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