Producer group recognition as an association

Agricultural organisations may be recognised on request.

An agricultural organisation shall be recognised at its request if it:

1. the general recognition requirements of Section 3 and

2. fulfils the special recognition conditions applicable to the applicant agricultural organisation under Union law, the Agricultural Market Structure Act and this Regulation for certain agricultural organisations or certain product sectors.

Separate recognition is required for each product sector in which an agricultural organisation operates.

  • informal application
  • the current statutes of the agricultural organisation and the contracts concluded under Section 10a of the Agricultural Market Structure Regulation,
  • a list of first names and surnames, in the case of legal persons, the names, all the members of the agricultural organisation present at the time of the application, including their respective addresses,
  • proof for each member referred to in point 2 that it meets the requirements of agricultural organisation law for membership, and
  • provide proof of complying with the requirement of Paragraph 3(1). Insofar as an association of persons not registered in an official register makes an application for recognition, the latter shall, by way of derogation from the second sentence(4), attach a certified copy of the contract for its establishment. The agricultural organisation shall, at the request of the competent authority, provide further information and evidence in so far as the documents submitted on the basis of sentences 2 and 3 are not sufficient to examine the conditions for recognition and to the extent necessary for the examination of recognition.


An agricultural organisation must:

1. be a legal person under private or public law or an association of private persons;

2. be able to attribute its creation to an initiative of its members;

3. have their head office in a country where they are

(a) has members;

(b) an activity which is not insignificant in comparison with its overall activity, unless it is an interbranch organisation;

4. have a written statute which

- Name

- Headquarters and

- the fulfilment of the recognition requirements can be inferred,

b) the rules contain:

- the exercise of democratic control of the members over the agricultural organisation as a whole and the decisions of the agricultural organisation,

- on membership fees,

- for the proper performance of the tasks,

- to welcome new members and terminate membership,

on sanctions for breaches of membership obligations

- to set up branches.

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