Health insurance contribution for students

Students must prove that they have health insurance when enrolling in their studies. Even if they do not live in Germany. Health insurance is also mandatory for practical periods of work that are completed during the course of study. As a rule, students can be insured free of charge via their parents in a statutory health insurance company, provided that one parent is a member of a statutory health insurance company. However, family insurance is only possible up to the age of 25. For students who are married or live in a registered civil partnership, family insurance is possible through the spouse or life partner if they are insured in the statutory health insurance. If health insurance is not possible via the parents or the partner, statutory health insurance companies or private health insurance companies offer discounted contributions.

- Certificate of enrolment

Age limit for family insurance: 25 years of age After the family insurance expires, insurance may be possible in the students' health insurance.
Students are required to take out insurance until they reach the age of thirty. In exceptional cases, this period shall be extended.

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