Domestic help for health insurance permit

As a person with health insurance, you will receive domestic help if you cannot cope with the household alone in the event of illness, for example if you cannot go shopping or cook yourself. However, only if no other person lives in the same household who can support you. For example: in severe disease in outpatient therapy after hospitalization an outpatient operation chemo- or radiotherapy if there is a child living in the household who has not yet reached the age of twelve at the beginning of the domestic help or who is disabled and dependent on help Your health insurance company decides whether you are entitled to domestic help. If the household is continued through relatives (up to the 2nd degree), the health insurance company cannot pay any remuneration. However, travel costs and loss of earnings can be taken into account and up to a certain extent covered by the health insurance.

In case of pregnancy: medical certificate with the following information: the expected date of birth the day of delivery the expected duration of hospitalization In case of illness: medical certificate of the expected duration of hospitalization Further information can be obtained from your health insurance company.

The person in charge of the household is insured in the statutory health insurance No other person living in the household can take over the housekeeping Living in the household a child under the age of 12, or a child with a disability who is in need of help
You must first submit an application for domestic help to your health insurance company. The need must be confirmed in writing by the treated doctor. If the health insurance company agrees, you can look for a domestic help yourself.

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