Medicines and bandages for ants with health insurance

Insured persons in the statutory health insurance are entitled to the supply of medicines subject to pharmacy requirements and to the supply of dressings. The costs are covered by the health insurance companies. Exception: For insured persons over 18 years of age, the costs for so-called trivial funds are not covered. These include: Medicines for use in colds and flu infections oral and pharyngeal therapeutics (except for fungal infections), laxative Medicines for motion sickness. The cost of funds that you can buy without a prescription is generally not borne. Exception: Medicinal products that are standard of care for serious illnesses and are prescribed by the doctor. The choice of prescribed means may be limited by discount contracts of the health insurance companies with manufacturers. However, these funds are then also free of additional payments. Fixed amounts may also apply to medicines and dressings. Any additional costs must be borne by you.

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