Granting inspection to archives Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

For example.B. for scientific purposes, for questions of local history, for research of your own family or for the clarification of legal questions, you can view archives in the respective archive. You can find out which archives are responsible for your question via appropriate stock overviews and find tools, which the respective archive has available either on the Internet or on site. The use of the archives is possible on request for any person who has a legitimate interest in accessing archival material.

if necessary, identity card, power of attorney

Forms: Application form, Reproduction order Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: partial Personal appearance necessary: partly

In most cases, the use of the archive is open to any citizen on request. In most cases, no assistance can be provided for reading and understanding old or foreign language writings. If possible, you should be able to read these scriptures.
You can send your request to the archive in writing, also by e-mail. You will receive a written reply from the archive. If you wish to use the archive directly, this is possible during opening hours. If possible, register your visit in writing or by phone in advance and reserve a place in the reading room. You fill in an application form on site and, if necessary, are advised by an archivist. You select the archival material that you want to view in find means, order them for inspection on outstanding order forms, receive the archive material for inspection in the reading room (if necessary only after the necessary preliminary examination on a new date) and return them to the reading room supervisor after inspection. Note: Archives are increasingly offering the opportunity to access your holdings online. Please contact the appropriate authority.

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Ministry of Science, Research and Culture of the State of Brandenburg

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