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You must appoint one or more animal welfare officers when you work in your facility or on your farm with vertebrates or cephalopods intended to: to be used in animal experiments, or whose organs or tissues are intended to be used for scientific purposes. The order must be placed before the start of the activities. You will show the order to the LAVG.

Documents on the position of the animal welfare officer and his or her powers (e.g. by statute, internal instruction or similar; in German)

Forms: none (informal) Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Only persons with a university degree in veterinary medicine can be appointed as animal welfare officer. Animal welfare officers must have the knowledge and skills and the necessary reliability to carry out their tasks. The LAVG may authorise exemptions from qualification as a veterinarian if the necessary knowledge and skills have been demonstrated.
Before starting activities with or on animals, indicate the appointment of an animal welfare officer in writing (informal): Make an informal letter and add the necessary evidence. Submit the advertisement and the proofs to the LAVG.

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