Residence permit extended for international, humanitarian or political reasons for urgent humanitarian or personal reasons

An extension of the residence permit beyond the grant period of six months is not permitted, as long as you have not yet legally resided in the federal territory for at least 18 months when the first residence permit was issued. If you have been legally resident in The Federal Republic of Germany for at least 18 months, an extension of the residence permit, which is initially limited to six months, is possible. The conditions must be the same as for the issue of a residence permit. An extension of the residence permit is only permitted if a temporary stay is sought. If you are seeking a permanent residence or a non-foreseeable stay in the federal territory, an extension of the residence permit cannot be granted. You must make sure to apply for an extension or other residence permit before the expiry of the period of validity of your residence permit. If the application is submitted in good time, i.e. before the expiry of the time limit, the further stay until the decision of the immigration authority with all subsequent effects (e.g. .B entitlement to receiving social assistance) is deemed to be permitted. Late application (after the end of the period specified in the residence permit) may result in significant legal disadvantages. Your further stay would then be unauthorized. You are then obliged to leave.

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Receive from your local immigration authority Online procedure possible: no Personal appearance required: yes

The residence permit shall be renewed if the conditions which must be met at the time of the first issue remain in place. Existence of an application for renewal There must be no grounds for refusal.

If you intend to stay permanently in Germany, the extension of the residence permit for temporary residence is not possible.
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As a rule, you must apply to your competent immigration authority for the renewal of your residence permit in person - early before the expiry of the validity of your residence permit. Arrange a preliminary meeting with the local immigration authority. You can also find out about the process of the application and which documents you have to submit and in what form on the respective website of the foreigners' website. If you have applied for an extension within the time limit (before the expiry of the validity of your residence permit), your previous stay is deemed to be permitted until the decision of the immigration authority. If your application is granted, the immigration authority instructs the Federal Printing Office to produce the electronic residence permit (eAT) with a new validity date Regarding the duration of the procedure until the residence permit is issued, please contact the competent immigration authority

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