Residence permit for international, humanitarian or political reasons Issued for urgent humanitarian or personal reasons

How do I apply for a residence permit for a temporary stay if there are urgent humanitarian or personal reasons or significant public interests?

They are seeking a temporary stay in Germany, for example to provide temporary care for a seriously ill family member, to provide medical treatment or to complete vocational training. You are staying in Germany and are not obliged to leave the country.

Then you can be granted a residence permit by the Foreigners' Registration Office as long as urgent humanitarian or personal reasons or significant public interests require your temporary continued presence in Germany.

The residence permit does not entitle you to work. It can be permitted on application by the Foreigners' Registration Office.

A residence requirement may be imposed on them.

You are entitled to benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act.

Family reunification is excluded.

You are not entitled to participate in an integration course. You can only be admitted to participate within the framework of available course places.

  • current biometric photo
  • Proof of identity, if available, e.B passport, ID card, birth certificate, marriage certificate; Citizenship card
  • If applicable, employment contract or binding job offer
  • Proof of your health insurance
  • lease

Get from your local immigration authority

Online procedure possible: no

Personal appearance required: yes


  • Existence of an application for a residence permit
  • Foreigners who are not obliged to leave the country in an enforceable way
  • Urgent humanitarian or personal reasons or significant public interests must require temporary presence in Germany
  • Fulfilment of the general conditions for grant
  • There must be no grounds for refusal (no interest in expulsion, no entry and residence ban)

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As a rule, you must apply for your residence permit in person.

  • Make an appointment with the local immigration authority. You can also find out on the respective website of the Ausländerbörde about the application process and which documents you have to submit in which form.
  • During your appointment, your fingerprints will be taken.

If your application is granted, the Foreigners' Registration Office instructs Bundesdruckerei to produce the electronic residence permit. The residence permit has the form of a credit card with electronic additional functions.

With regard to the duration of the procedure until the residence permit is handed over, please contact the competent immigration authority

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