Grants for multiple births Granted

You can receive a grant for multiple births

The birth of Mehrlingen poses special challenges for families: The simultaneous care and supervision of several children (especially infants and young children) is not only a great effort and a financial burden for the families.

Mehrlinge living in Brandenburg (from Triplets) can therefore receive a one-off financial support from the Prime Minister of the State of Brandenburg. It does not matter the place of birth of the children. It is crucial that they live in Brandenburg.

The donation is primarily symbolic and is intended to recognise the special importance of family and children for our society.

Sponsorships of the Prime Minister are not foreseen.

  • Children's birth certificates
  • Proof of the principal residence of the applicant and the children
  • Proof of personal custody of parents other than biological parents


Residence of the Mehrlinge in Brandenburg

The multi-lings must not be older than 16 years when the donation is made.


Suffice it to write an informal letter or an e-mail to the Prime Minister of the State of Brandenburg about the birth of the mehrlinge. After a positive examination of the above criteria, a one-off financial donation can be made, which will be transferred to the specified bank account.

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