Grassroots sport promotion

The promotion of sport is an essential contribution to the positive development of sport in the state of Brandenburg. The Constitution of the Land of Brandenburg (Article 35) says: "Sport is a worthy part of life. The sports promotion of the country, municipalities and municipal associations is aimed at a balanced and needs-based relationship between grassroots sport and top-level sport. It should take into account the specific needs of pupils, students, senior citizens and people with disabilities". Further details are regulated by the Law on the Promotion of Sport in the Land of Brandenburg. In principle, grants for project support may only be granted for projects that have not yet started. A project is usually started when contracts relating to the execution of the project have been concluded. Grants may only be granted to recipients who appear to be properly management and who are able to prove the use of the funds as intended. This requires orderly accounting and a sufficiently qualified staff. In the case of grants for construction and procurement, the recipient must also provide financial guarantees for the proper use and maintenance of the corresponding buildings or objects. This special permit requirement is intended to support and ensure the sustainability of the funding project.

Applicant's application documents (statute, financial plan, exemption notice, association register extract)

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