Residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment Grant for employment as an official with a German employer

If you are in a civil service relationship with a German employer, you are entitled to a residence permit to fulfil your duties in Germany. The residence permit may be obtained, in particular, by university teachers appointed to the civil service and by other staff members of the scientific and artistic staff. The residence permit is issued for a period of three years, unless a shorter period is provided for your stay in the federal territory. The participation of the Federal Employment Agency is not required to issue the residence permit. You may be required by the immigration authority to take part in an integration course. This will then be noted on your residence permit. By obtaining a residence permit for the exercise of duties with a German employer, you have the opportunity to obtain a permanent right of residence (residence permit) after only three years. The requirement to have paid contributions to the statutory pension insurance for at least 60 months is waived. German service or so on who wish to bring a foreign official from abroad to Germany for the performance of official duties can apply to the immigration office for the accelerated skilled procedure, which facilitates and speeds up entry, under the authority of the foreigner. The Eu citizens who are in a civil service relationship with a German employer are not covered by the Residence Act, but by the Law on the Free Movement of Persons/EU.

Valid passport Original of your appointment/appointment certificate Current biometric photo Proof of your health insurance lease In addition in the case of recent entry: Visa if required for entry and in the case of a previous stay: Current residence permit Further documentation is required for the implementation of the accelerated skilled workers' procedure. Please contact the relevant immigration authority.

Online procedure possible in some cases Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: yes

You have a recognised and valid passport or passport replacement and, if necessary for entry, a suitable visa. There is no interest in expulsion against you. Your stay does not endanger or affect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. They are in a civil service relationship with a German employer and are supposed to perform duties in Germany.
Section 19c para. 4 AufenthG

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Federal Government portal for skilled workers from abroad Information on obtaining the residence permit on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (german): You can also get free advice on the topics of entry, residence and work at the "Hotline Working and Living in Germany" from the Federal Government's portal for professionals from abroad. Phone: 030 1815-1111 Service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The residence permit must be applied for with the immigration authority responsible for your residence. The procedure is as follows: Depending on the immigration authority and concerns, it may be possible to apply via the Internet. Find out if your immigration authority offers the electronic application for a residence permit. In the event of an electronic application, the immigration authority will contact you after receipt of your application in order to arrange an appointment at the immigration office. During the appointment, your evidence will be checked (bring it with you to the appointment). If the application is only possible in person, make an appointment with the immigration authority. During the appointment, your application will be accepted and your evidence will be checked (bring it with you to the appointment). For the renewal of the electronic residence permit (eAT card), your fingerprints will be taken at the immigration office. After about six to eight weeks, you can pick up the eAT card from the immigration office. In principle, the collection must be done in person. Fees apply for the issue of the residence permit. The timing and form of payment vary depending on the authority. In order to carry out the accelerated procedure for skilled workers, the German employer shall contact the foreigners' authority responsible for the place of service. A central body for the implementation of the procedure may have been set up in the Land. Responsible in the state of Brandenburg: the immigration authority of the district/district-free city