Medical Practices Registration

Many healthcare professionals choose their own practice. This applies to medical and health professions, such as: Holistic practitioners (limited to the field of psychotherapy/physiotherapy) Nurses and paediatric nurses Midwives and maternity assistants Elderly care Physiotherapy, physiotherapy Masseurs Medical bathers speech therapy Occupational therapy, employment and work therapy Orth optik The following applies to all occupational groups in the health sector: If you wish to pursue your profession independently, you must notify the competent health authority immediately. Immediate notification to your local health office is also necessary in the following cases: They employ members of the health care professions. They offer or provide sick and old-age care activities for remuneration. If you have such an ad obligation to other bodies due to other legislation, then you do not need to report it to the health board.

personal data, such as name, address, etc. certified copies of the professional licence or the right to hold the professional title Where applicable, evidence of qualifications

Forms: Many health boards offer forms that you can use to display. To do so, please contact your local health authority. Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

You have taken out professional insanity insurance. There is no obligation to notify other bodies under other laws.
You can submit an advertisement, for example to register a medical practice, in writing: Check with your health department to see if a form is available for display. Submit the advertisement (if applicable the completed form) together with the necessary proofs to your local health office. For the rest, please contact your local health office.

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