Commercial game mediation permission

Anyone wishing to mediate commercially in the Land of Brandenburg for commercial purposes requires a permit under Section 3 of the Brandenburg Gambling Execution Act, without prejudice to other reporting obligations. The mediation shall only be made to the organisers who have the permission of the competent authority of the Land of Brandenburg or the competent authority in accordance with Section 9a of the Gambling State Treaty. The application for permission must be submitted in writing to the Ministry of the Interior and for Local Authorities. The conditions for granting a permit are to be found in Paragraph 19 of the Gambling State Treaty. Commercial gaming mediation is prohibited in local shops. In the case of action in several or all federal states, the gambling supervisory authority of the state of Lower Saxony is responsible.

Reasoned request Extract Commercial Register Certificate of leadership Business advertisement Extract of Business Central Register Terms and Conditions/Terms and Conditions Security social concept, etc.

No forms available Online procedure not possible Written application is required Personal appearance is not required

Applicant must be entitled to apply in accordance with Section 5 of the Brandenburg Gambling Execution Act Timely application Complete application proving compliance with the conditions set out in Section 19 of the Gambling State Treaty
State Treaty on Gambling; Brandenburg Gambling Execution Act

Submit your full application to the Ministry of the Interior and for the Municipalities of the State of Brandenburg. The application will be examined, processed and decided. The notice will be sent by post.

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