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Training at non-governmental vocational academies is an alternative to higher education. Vocational academies offer at least 3 years of science-related and at the same time practice-oriented training. The final title "Bachelor" to be achieved there is equivalent to a bachelor's degree in higher education and entitles you to a master's degree at a university. Do you want to establish and operate a non-state educational institution as a vocational academy? To do so, you must apply for state recognition. With the state recognition, the vocational academy may, within the framework of the Take exams, award ingespartto titles (Bachelor Vocational Academy (BA)) and Give testimonials. hint: State recognition entitles the educational institution to use the term "vocational academy".

comprehensive approach, based on a period of 4- 5 years with the following information: name Institutions of the institution and its legal relationships seat Training courses with training concept and cooperation partners staff Line structure Draft admissions, training and examination regulations with training plans for the planned training courses Teaching staff concept with the following information on the members of the teaching staff: qualification Type of employment Employment contracts for full-time teaching staff detailed financing plan over a period of 4-5 years with the following information: Human resources Expenditure in kind Capital expenditure Revenue to cover this expenditure Documents proving the secured financing Proof of the premises required for the operation of the vocational academy

Forms: no Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: no Personal appearance necessary: no

A framework plan must be agreed between companies and institutions and the vocational academy for each training course the content of practical training and support, a change between the vocational academy and practice, which ensures a coordination of academic and practical training in terms of content and time, at the vocational academy, only persons who are entitled to study at a higher education institution and who are registered by a suitable establishment or institution with which they have concluded a contract for training may be admitted to the vocational academy; the vocational academy must have the necessary staff, spatial and physical staff and a sufficient number of suitable teachers for the training establishment; the vocational academy must provide assurance that it is carrying out the teaching and examination procedures in accordance with the applicable legislation, teachers working at the vocational academy and trainees must be duly involved in the design of the training establishment; the existence of the vocational academy must appear financially secure for the duration of the training of the trainees, according to a financing plan by its institution. At least 40% of the teaching is to be provided by full-time teachers who meet the recruitment requirements for a professorship at a university of applied sciences. The vocational academy offers at least 2 different training courses, each with several specialist focus. This does not apply if the establishment of technical priorities is not suggested by the corresponding field of professional activity within a training course. The vocational academy should be made up of a board of trustees which participates in decisions on the development of the vocational academy and on all matters of fundamental importance relating to it and which shall include at least representatives of the competent Chamber of Commerce and Industry or of any other professional chamber, employers' and employees' organisations, the companies involved in the training, the teachers working at the vocational academy and the trainees.

State recognition may be subject to a limited period and conditions.
You must apply for state recognition from the competent body. The written form is not required by law for the application, but is usually required because of the extensive documentation required. If the prerequisites are met and if accreditation/evaluation is successful, you will receive a notification of the recognition. The recognition is based on the name, seat and institution of the vocational academy as well as the recognised training courses. Note: If you want to make significant changes afterwards (e..B. extension to include further training courses, change of carrier) you must obtain the approval of the competent authority.

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