Private University Recognition

Non-governmental educational institutions, provided that they are recognised as a university by the state, may use a corresponding designation, take university examinations and award higher education degrees.

If you want to run a non-state university, you need state recognition by the ministry responsible for higher education. Only state-recognised universities may use a corresponding designation (university, college, university of applied sciences, art college), take university examinations and award university degrees.

The operation of the establishment of a foreign university (with the exception of foreign universities, which are within the scope of the Community law of the European Union) also requires state recognition by the competent ministry.

In the course of the recognition procedure, it is important that the prerequisites for state recognition are proven by appropriate documents and concepts.

The documents do not need to be available at the time of the initial enquiry; the responsible unit will then provide detailed information. An application by the sponsor of the university can only be approved if it is conclusively explained and it is proven in detail that and how the legal requirements are met.

Forms: no
Online procedure possible: partial
Written form required: partial
Personal appearance required: no


In particular, the following criteria shall be examined:

  • institutional aspirations, profile and development goals
  • Management structure, organization and quality management
  • Staff
  • Study and Teaching
  • Research and art practice
  • Spatial and material equipment
  • Financing


Financial support from the state of Brandenburg for the establishment of non-state universities is not planned.

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  • You can present the planned project in advance in an initial consultation.
  • In an application, you present your concept for the university to be founded.
  • The competent authority will examine your application.
  • When examining the application, the competent body shall obtain an expert opinion from an external expert institution, appointed by the competent body, which shall assess the concept submitted.
  • State recognition is granted if your project meets the legal requirements.

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