Continuing education institution Recognition for nursing professions

Depending on the continuing education profession, applications for state recognition of your continuing education institution should be sent to the State Office for Occupational Safety, Consumer Protection and Health (LAVG) or to the State Office for Social Affairs and Care (LASV).

Continuing education is regulated by state law in Germany.

Further training centres in the following health professions or nursing professions are regulated by ordinances in the state of Brandenburg:

  • Intensive care and anesthesia
  • Operations Service
  • Oncological care
  • Hygiene Specialist
  • Gerontopsychiatry

Continuing education institutions that want to offer state-regulated further training in these areas require state recognition. They are subject to state supervision for the long-term quality assurance of continuing education.

  • Professional certificates and further training certificates of the management and teachers (in copy)
  • Information about the premises in which you want to set up the training centre (for example, rental agreement or other planning documents)
  • Cooperation agreements with institutions in which the practical training components take place
  • Of
    • Teaching and timetables
    • Professional assignment of lecturers, practical instructors and practical instructors on site
    • Type and implementation of the required performance certificates
    • Form of communication with the practice instructors on site

Note: You want to offer several further training courses according to the continuing education regulations of the state of Brandenburg? Then you must submit the documents for each training separately.

Form: Questionnaire can be made available online on request

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: yes

Personal appearance required: no


  • They have enough professionally qualified managers and teachers.
  • Their rooms are large enough.
  • Your rooms are equipped with the appropriate teaching and learning materials.
  • In order to ensure practical training shares, you must prove the following:
    • the cooperation
      • with a suitable hospital,
      • an outpatient nursing service or
      • an institution providing assistance for the elderly or the disabled, and
    • the qualification of the practical instructors on site

You must comply with the provisions of the respective Continuing Education Ordinance.


The LAVG or the LASV regularly checks your facility.

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You can apply for state recognition of your training centre for nursing professions in writing using the questionnaire provided on request:

  • Download the questionnaire online and print it out.
  • Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence.
  • Submit the completed survey form and other documents to the LAVG or LASV (in the original with signature of the managing director, chairman of the association and the like)
  • The LAVG or the LASV checks whether the requirements for state recognition are met.
  • After completion of the examination, you will receive a notification in the case of recognition and thus the state recognition by post.
  • If the recognition requirements are not met, you will receive a negative decision by post.

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