Residence permit for the purpose of training Extension in order to continue studies started abroad in the EU

The residence permit for the continuation of studies started abroad in the EU is a temporary residence permit. The residence permit is extended for the duration of the mandatory study period or the exchange programme carried out in Germany. The same conditions apply to the renewal of your residence permit as to the grant. In particular, your livelihood should be secured for the duration of your studies in Germany. As a rule, the residence permit cannot be renewed if this has already been excluded at the time of the issue or the last extension of the residence permit.

Passport or passport replacement Current biometric photo Existing residence permits Proof of livelihood (e.g.B. blocked account with a German bank, scholarship certificate or commitment) Proof of study in Germany Proof of your health insurance lease

Forms: You can obtain government-specific forms from your immigration authority, if necessary they are also offered online. Online procedure possible in some cases

You have a recognised and valid passport or passport replacement as well as the valid residence permit for the continuation of a course of study started in other EU countries in accordance with Section 16b paragraph 7 of the Residence Act. The period of validity of your residence permit will expire in the near future. There is no interest in expulsion against you. Your stay does not endanger or affect the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany. Your livelihood is secured. You can prove a place at university.
You can also get free advice on the topics of entry, residence and work at the "Hotline Working and Living in Germany" from the Federal Government's portal for professionals from abroad. Phone: 030 1815-1111 Service hours: Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Federal Government portal for skilled workers from abroad

The renewal of your residence permit must be requested from the immigration authority responsible for your residence. Depending on the immigration authority and concerns, it may be possible to apply via the Internet. Find out if your immigration authority offers the electronic application for a residence permit. If the application is only possible in person, arrange a preliminary appointment with the immigration authority. During the appointment, your request will be accepted and your evidence will be checked (please bring it with you to the appointment). Your fingerprints will be taken for the issuance of the electronic residence permit (eAT). In the event of an electronic application, the immigration authority will contact you after receipt of your online application in order to arrange a meeting at the immigration office. During the appointment, your evidence will be checked (please bring it with you to the appointment) and your fingerprints will be taken for the issuance of the eAT card. If your request is met, the immigration authority will arrange for the eAT card to be produced. After about six to eight weeks, you can pick up eAT card from the immigration office. Fees apply for the renewal of the residence permit. The timing and form of payment vary depending on the authority

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