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The badge for the severely disabled is a nationalproof of the status of a severely disabled person. A prerequisite for the issuance of a severely disabled card is the identification of a disability. The finding notice contains: the individual disabilities, the degree of disability (GdB) and if necessary, other health characteristics (markers). If the detected GdB is 50 or more, a badge for the severely disabled is issued. The severely disabled card indicates the GdB and other health characteristics (mark signs). Depending on the GdB and the mark, certain rights and disadvantage compensations can be claimed, such as: special protection against dismissal under labour law Entitlement to additional leave early receipt of old-age pension Benefits for income taxation discounted or free transport by bus and train Use of parking facilities Granting of allowance for the blind Exemption for housing benefit Broadcasting contribution reduction Motor vehicle tax exemption or reduction The memoranda have the following meaning: B - Authorization to take an accompanying person with you when using public transport G - Significant impairment of mobility in road traffic aG - exceptional walking disability H - Helpless within the meaning of the Income Tax Act RF - Reduction of the broadcasting contribution Bl - Blind Gl - Deaf TBl - Deaf blind Kl. - Eligible to use the 1st class in railways with tickets for the 2nd class or within the personal route list (only for pensioners according to the Federal Supply Act or the Federal Compensation Act) The card has the colors green or green-orange. From the age of 10, you will need a photo in passport size.

signed consent form (in case of online application, send it by post) for non-EU citizens: valid residence permit (in copy) Where applicable, power of attorney/supervisor's card (in copy) medical documents of a newer date (in copy), if available The LASV may request further documentation from you or from the indicated physicians and institutions if required.

Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

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degree of disability of at least 50

The degree of disability is given as a number rounded to 10 in the range up to 100. If you need to prove that you are severely disabled, it is sufficient to present your badge for the severely disabled. The submission of the decision of the declaration cannot be required.
You must first apply for a disability. You can apply online or in writing for the identification of the disability and a badge for the severely disabled with the form available: Online Visit the "Online Services" portal on the LASV website. Under the button "Severely disabled rights" you can use the program "Start". They are informed and guided by the program. Fill in the fields accordingly. You can submit the completed application online via the "Submit" button. Print out and sign the declaration of consent and confidentiality. Submit these documents to the LASV. You will then receive a certificate of declaratory opinion by post and, if you find a GdB of 50 or more, you will receive a badge for the severely disabled. Writing Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application documents to the LASV. You will then receive a certificate of declaratory opinion by post and, if you find a GdB of 50 or more, you will receive a badge for the severely disabled.

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