School district change approval

Primary school pupils attend the relevant primary school. The school responsible is determined by the school district in which the parents/guardians live. In the same school district, you can choose between schools in the school district. Exceptionally, if there are important reasons, the visit may be granted to a school other than the one responsible. As a rule, children must attend primary school, where their parents are live or usually stay. In exceptional cases, pupils can change schools and attend another primary school.

You can attach documents that prove the important reason. The competent authority may request further documentation.

The forms a) you can find either online in the form box of the State School Boards ( - Central Form Box) or b) you will receive from your local school. The application must be made in writing. Online editing is not possible.

There must be important reasons in the person of the child or the legal guardian. The best interests of the child are paramount. An important reason is mainly when you are requesting a change, because the competent school can only be reached with difficulty, pedagogical reasons for this, social reasons.
1. Register the student with the relevant school. 2. Have the application form handed over to the relevant school or download and print it from the form box of the State School Boards. 3. Fill in the form and include appropriate evidence. 4. Submit the full application to the local school. 6. After processing, you will receive written feedback from the relevant state school board.

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