Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for compensation of uncovered operating expenses

In the event of a ban on employment or a quarantine, you, as a self-employed person, are entitled not only to compensation for loss of earnings but also to compensation for continuing uncovered operating expenses, such as rents or loans. This only applies to operating costs that cannot be avoided. You must also keep operating costs as low as possible. Reimbursement shall be made to an appropriate extent. This is a so-called "can-perform". In other words, the LAVG has room for manoeuvre to assess whether a claim exists and how high it is.

Proof of ongoing uncovered operating costs Proof of payment Decision on the prohibition of activity and its annulment of the

Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

They are self-employed. Your business or practice is suspended during the ban or quarantine, and You are entitled to compensation for your loss of earnings.
see benefit "Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for compensation in the event of loss of earnings" see benefit "Compensation under the Infection Protection Act Grant for loss of earnings compensation of persons entitled to care"

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You can apply in writing for a replacement for uncovered operating expenses: Submit an application and all necessary evidence to the LAVG. The compensation procedure is carried out by the LAVG. If all prerequisites are met, the payment will be instructed by the LAVG and will be made directly to your specified account details. You will receive a notification from the LAVG by post.

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