Fee for water abstraction Calculation

The Land of Brandenburg charges the user of a body of water for the removal and discharge of water from above-ground waters and for the removal, transport of substation, de-de-icing and dissipation of groundwater. The amount of water that is re-supplied to a body of water under the conditions specified in the law shall be deducted. This fee shall not be levied in the cases referred to in Paragraph 40(4) of the BbgWG. This applies, for example.B. unlicensed use or small quantities.

Permission for the use of water, declaration by the payer with the necessary documentation for the calculation (in particular measurements) WRE Authority (UWB/OWB) Coordination with the determination authority (State Office for the Environment)

Survey form in revision (confidential, as trade secrets may be touched)

Water use in the WHG; Section 40 BbgWG
Self-declaration of the payer or estimate by the fixing authority (State Office for the Environment), calculation, determination

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Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection (MLUK) of the State of Brandenburg, Division 2

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