Shortening the duration of training

Crediting of previous vocational training by competent authorities

According to the Vocational Training Act (BBiG), the Länder can regulate the crediting of previous vocational training. After consulting the State Committee for Vocational Education and Training, the Land Governments may, by means of a statutory ordinance, stipulate that attendance at a course of vocational schools or vocational training in another institution shall be counted in whole or in part against the training period.
A joint application by the trainees and trainers is mandatory for credit. The request must be addressed to the competent authority (e.B. the respective chamber). It may be limited to parts of the maximum permitted crediting period.

Proof of previous professional education (e.B. certificate of completion, certificate)

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Information on the recognition of German professional qualifications abroad can be obtained from the competent authorities of the state.

Case-by-case assessment by competent authorities

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