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If you want to acquire the general university entrance qualification (Abitur) as an adult and are not working, then you can apply to a school of the second way of education.

A college in Germany is usually an institute of adult education for obtaining the general university entrance qualification. As a rule, it takes three years until you can take the nationwide Abitur. After two years, it is usually possible to obtain the school part of the fachhochschulreife. Unlike at the evening grammar school, the lessons are given during the day and are thus aimed at former professionals who want to expand their school qualifications by full-time lessons. In addition to visiting the College, it is therefore not possible to continue working in a profession in terms of time and law with the exception of "part-time jobs". The prerequisite for attending a college is usually a secondary school or a comparable degree and a vocational training that has already been completed. Alternatively, however, the management of a family household or proven unemployment and several years of professional activity are also accepted. The minimum age is 18 years. Depending on the federal state, there are different regulations.

The so-called introductory phase (11th grade) is used to acquire the basic knowledge for the two-year qualification level. In some colleges there are preliminary courses before the actual college visit, e.B. at the colleges in Berlin, in order to refresh unused knowledge in central subjects. In some federal states, it is also mandatory to pass an entrance test. The selection of subjects and the Abitur examinations at a college are based on those of the general gymnasium, whereby the restrictions of the Ministry of Culture responsible for the federal state must be observed when choosing subjects. The possibilities at the chosen college can also lead to further restrictions. In addition, depending on the federal state, there may be different regulations for the Abitur examinations.

informal application,

completed application for admission,

signed tabular CV,

certified copy of the last certificate or original for presentation,

Proof of employment

certified copy of the berufsabschluss certificate or original for the presentation or proof of a two-year professional activity (only for the Abitur course)


In the course of training for the subsequent acquisition of the general university entrance qualification, it may be included who:

  1. is at least 19 years old,
  2. a vocational training or at least two years' professional activity or a comparable activity, and
  3. can prove the Realschulabschluss/fachoberschulreife or an equivalent degree or has successfully completed a preliminary course of at least one semester.

A comparable activity is in particular the management of a family household. Unemployment proven by a certificate from the employment agencies can be counted towards the required period of professional activity. The full-time form is only accepted for those who do not pursue a professional activity.

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Application at the beginning of the school year at a school of the second way of education

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