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The comprehensive school with upper secondary school includes grades 7 to 13. It provides basic, extended or in-depth general education and includes the course of education for the acquisition of the advanced vocational education and training (EWC), the course for the acquisition of the technical upper secondary school entrance qualification (FOR) and the course of education for the acquisition of the general university entrance qualification. The comprehensive school combines the objectives of the different courses and school forms. It is an "integrated school". This is advantageous for those pupils whose further school or professional careers only become apparent later. In addition to a solid basic education, the comprehensive school must therefore also provide in-depth education for all pupils who wish to attend a high school. For this reason, in addition to teaching in the class association, performance-differentiated courses in specialist performance courses are given at the comprehensive school in some subjects (basic and extension courses). The number of specialist performance courses is slowly increasing. In year 7 it is mathematics and the first foreign language /English, at the latest from year 9 the subjects German as well as chemistry and/or physics are added. The performance assessment by grades is supplemented by points and thus enables a more differentiated evaluation of the student performance.

Certificate of year 6 (half-year) Primary school assessments with a course recommendation Application form

The primary schools provide the respective forms, which can also be downloaded online from the MBJS pages.

Issue of primary school eights with the course recommendation and the registration forms by the primary school together with the half-yearly certificates of year 6 Submission of registration forms in primary schools Admission procedures (first and second request procedures) Compensation conferences and allocation procedures (in case of non-fulfilment of first and second requests) Sending of admission notices

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