University entrance for gifted people without university entrance qualification admission

If you have an outstanding qualification for a particular subject area, you can obtain the general university entrance qualification via a gifted examination.

This examination is intended to enable excellently gifted applicants who have a special qualification for a particular subject area to gain access to university studies by acquiring the nationwide recognised general university entrance qualification.

Applicants are expected to have a very good ability for a scientific subject as well as study-relevant knowledge and skills as well as a versatile general education.

The begabtenpr├╝fung is not an institution of the second educational path, which leads to the Abitur via a school education course. The preparation for the exam takes place privately.

  • CV with detailed information about
    • the previous course of education,
    • the professional activity carried out,
    • scientific study and
    • the desired career goal
  • all school leaving certificates
  • Evidence of vocational training and professional performance
  • Information about
    • the chosen scientific field,
    • the focus areas in the individual subjects and
    • the intended course of study
  • two expert opinions on the ability, performance and level of education, especially in the chosen subject area
  • the assurance that you have not taken part in any of the following examinations and have not applied for admission to them:
    • ordinary Abitur examination
    • Abitur examination for school strangers
    • Examination for admission to university studies without a school leaving certificate
    • Examination for the acquisition of the fachhochschulreife
  • a passport photo
  • Proof of German nationality

Note: All certificates must be presented in an officially certified copy. The competent authority may also require the originals to be presented.

Forms: informal application
Online procedure possible: partly
Written form required: yes
Personal appearance necessary: no


  • Main residence in Brandenburg
  • Minimum age: 25 years
  • at least five years of professional activity after completion of vocational training or at least seven years of professional activity after an early final examination of vocational training
    The management of a family household is on an equal footing with other professional activities. This applies to households
    • with at least three persons, or
    • in exceptional cases with at least one person in need of education or care.

  • special aptitude and appropriate, versatile education
    You must prove this by means of documents or possibly in a preliminary interview.

    You may not participate in the following cases:

  • You have already tried unsuccessfully to obtain a general or subject-related university entrance qualification or technical college entrance qualification.
  • You have a subject-specific university entrance qualification and have the opportunity to take a supplementary examination to obtain the general university entrance qualification.

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You must submit an informal written application for admission to the examination.

The written exam includes:

  • a scientific field of your choice
  • German
  • Mathematics or a foreign language (English, French, Latin)

The processing time is between 240 and a maximum of 300 minutes.

After passing the written part, the oral examination takes place as an individual examination. It covers:

  • the chosen scientific field,
  • mathematics if a foreign language has been tested in writing, or a foreign language if mathematics has been tested in writing, and
  • to a subject from subject group 1 (physics, chemistry, biology) or to a subject from subject group 2 (history, geography). The subject group is determined with the admission. The examination subject from the subject group is chosen by the applicants.

The oral exam usually lasts one and a half to two hours. The examination time is distributed roughly evenly among the individual subjects.

In order to pass the exam, you must achieve at least five points in each subject, both in the written and oral part of the examination.

After passing the exam, you will receive the general university entrance qualification.

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