Access to higher education for professionals without university entrance qualification Counselling Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In order to be admitted to a university, it is usually necessary to obtain a school degree. However, even professionally qualified persons who do not have the Abitur or the university entrance qualification can, under certain circumstances, take up a course of study at a university of applied sciences or university. The decision on the allocation of study places rests with the chosen university. You should therefore check with the university of your choice in advance what requirements exist for the start of the desired course of study.

The documents and evidence shall be based on the conditions. Check with the respective university.

Forms: no Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: no Personal appearance necessary: no

These include, for example: Master's examination (master's letter) or an equivalent entitlement Completed further training with at least 400 hours of instruction (certificate of completion of further training and proof of the duration of the course) Certificate of competence for the nautical or technical service with at least 400 lessons (certificate of competence and proof of the duration of the course) Completion of a technical school in public sponsorship or a state-recognised technical school in free sponsorship (certificate of the technical school) Nationally regulated training qualification for professions in health care or in the field of social care or pedagogical occupations (certificate of completion of further training) Completion of lower secondary education and vocational training suitable for study and subsequent acquired at least two years' professional experience (certificate of completion of lower secondary education, certificate/certificate of professional qualification and proof of professional activity with indication of type, duration and place)
Contact the university you have chosen. It checks whether you meet the entry requirements and decides on your university entrance qualification. You should have a consultation at the respective university. The interview serves to provide early and comprehensive advice on the content, requirements and development of a course of study. You will receive written proof of participation in a consultation. After the consultation, you can apply in writing or online at the respective university.

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