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If you wish to interrupt your studies for private, health, financial or other reasons, this must be approved by your university. You will remain enrolled at your university during this time. Students on leave of absence should be enabled to complete their studies and examinations at the university that granted the leave of absence. As a rule, the application for a semester of leave of absence must be submitted at the beginning of the semester. In the case of illness or other serious reasons, this can also be done during the current semester , but at the latest by the end of the lecture period . As a rule, leave of absence is not granted in the first semester. Retroactive leave of absence for semesters that have already passed is not possible.

You may need to include appropriate evidence of the reason for the interruption with your application. This may be, for example: Internship contract admission to study abroad Medical certificate of foreseeable inability to study Birth certificate of the child

Forms: Application form Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: no

Grounds on which leave of absence is usually approved: Study abroad prolonged illness voluntary service care of a relative (spouse, relative in a straight line, first-degree relative by marriage) maternity leave, parental leave taking up an internship that serves the purpose of your studies Starting a business Activity in the academic or student self-administration Prison sentence to be served Other important reasons can be discussed with your university. Note: In order for a leave of absence to be granted, different requirements must be fulfilled and documents must be submitted, depending on the type of university and the course of study you are attending. You can find more information about this in the online offer of your university or in the student advisory service.

It is essential that you check the effects of a leave of absence on scholarships/study grants, insurance contributions, tax allowances, child benefit, allowances etc. beforehand. The statutory health insurance should remain in force during a leave of absence. BAföG payments are not made during a semester of leave, unless it is the Auslands-BAföG. Those who work during the semester of leave are fully liable for social insurance.
Matriculation regulations of the respective university

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The application for leave of absence must be submitted in writing to your university (usually to the secretariat of the department responsible for you). A statement of reasons and, if applicable, evidence for this must be enclosed with the application. Forms or online forms are available from the relevant office or can be downloaded. Leave of absence is only granted for one full semester . It can be extended for a further semester if the reason for the leave of absence still exists. A repeated leave of absence is possible under certain circumstances. The director of studies decides on the approval. You will receive a written decision. A positive decision contains the reason for the leave of absence, the duration of the leave of absence and the last semester in which you were enrolled. For the semester of leave you will receive a certificate of enrolment as usual. Participation in courses is often not possible during the leave of absence (possible exceptions: Leave of absence due to maternity/ parental leave and/or care of close relatives). The application for leave of absence can be withdrawn by the end of the lecture period of the semester for which the leave of absence was granted by means of an informal written declaration.

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