Funeral Execution Of Sea Burial

Cremation consists of two elements, namely the cremation of the deceased person and the subsequent burial of the urn with the ashes. A sea burial is only permitted if the deceased person has wished to do so and this is not precluded by other legal provisions. Burial at sea is only permitted in the high seas and not in Brandenburg waters. In the case of cremation, a second post-mortem examination is required.

Death certificate or proof from the competent registry office that the notarization has been deferred. Please ask your commissioned funeral home or the community or church in whose cemetery the burial is to take place.

Carrying out the two post-mortem examinations, this does not apply to miscarriages, notarisation of the death, in the case of stillbirths, the certification of the birth must be proven by a civil certificate before burial in the case of miscarriages, a medical certificate must be provided stating the date, circumstance of the miscarriage and the name and address of the mother, expiry of the waiting period or authorisation by the lower health authority to carry out the funeral before the expiry of the waiting period, Acquisition of a right of use at a grave site, unless a sea burial takes place. Please ask your funeral home for further requirements.
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