Funeral Execution Of Forced Burial

A regular burial takes place if no relatives of the deceased are present or to be identified, no provision has been made for burial and no other person takes care of the burial. The local regulatory authorities (offices, non-official municipalities, municipalities, the co-administered municipalities, the co-administered municipalities and the district-free cities) of the place of death are responsible. The burial shall be at the expense of the person responsible for burial. Who this is can be found in Section 20 paragraph 1 of the Brandenburg Funeral Act. In addition, the deceased person's inheritance is obliged to pay for the funeral. The burial must in principle be carried out in accordance with the will of the deceased person. If this will is not known, a local burial must be carried out. In practice, in these cases, a burial of dead ashes is usually carried out in an urn community grave. In this case, it is not permitted to scatter the ashes on an ash meadow or to bury the sea.

Carrying out the two corpse shows, The date of the death, expiration of the waiting period, Presence of a burial site.
The local regulatory authority may also use a funeral home.