Recognition as a test expert for earthand and basic construction Grant

Test experts check and certify compliance with building regulations requirements in their respective departments on behalf of the client or the client or the other person responsible under building regulations. The inspection experts and investigators are independent of the inspection tasks assigned to them and are not bound by the instructions of the client. Test experts for earthworks and base constructions examine and certify the completeness and correctness of the information on the building site with regard to the stock, structure and geological influences, the information on the load-bearing capacity of the building site and the assumptions made for the foundation or embedding of the building structure. The designation of test experts or test experts may only be used by persons who, in accordance with Brandenburg Audit Expert Ordinance. The Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers (BBIK) is the recognition authority for test experts in the state of Brandenburg. Recognition as an examination expert or test expert for earthworks and basic construction sits only takes place if you can meet and prove the general requirements as well as the special requirements for this subject area (including proof of professional experience and special knowledge). The examination procedure for recognition shall include a written and an oral examination.

The application for recognition as a test expert or test expert for earthand soil and basic construction must be submitted: a CV with a complete indication of the professional background up to the date of application, one copy of the diplomas and employment certificates, proof of the application for a certificate of leadership for submission to an authority (document O or P) or an equivalent document of a Member State of the European Union, whereproof or document should not be older than three months; information about the place of business and any other branches, information on any participation in a company whose purpose is to plan or carry out construction projects, and the proof of compliance with the special conditions for recognition in accordance with Section 5 paragraph 4 bb

Online procedure possible: no written form required. Yes Personal appearance necessary: yes (examination procedure)

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The technical requirements are met by a person who holds a vocational qualification suitable for the field of earthand and basic construction and may hold the professional title "engineer" or "engineer", as an engineer has worked for at least five years in the field or discipline in which the test activity is to be carried out, has been active in practice and has participated in tests for at least two years; has a professional experience not more than two years ago, demonstrates the necessary knowledge of the legislation, technical building regulations and relevant technical regulations that are not essential for the test work, and proves that the special requirements for the respective department or subject area are met.

The designation of test experts or test experts may be used only with the indication of the subject area and the subject area for which the test expert or experts are recognised in accordance with this Regulation.
Download and print the application form on the brandenburg Chamber of Engineers page Submit the completed application and the required documents to the Chamber of Engineers The Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers, as the recognition authority, decides on the application for recognition as an examination expert or test expert in the Land of Brandenburg. The recognition authority examines the personal and technical requirements of the applicant on the basis of the documents submitted in accordance with Section 5 of the BbgPrüfSV. After receipt and preliminary examination of the application documents, the recognition authority shall take the appropriate measures to prepare a technical opinion for the applicant Drafting of an expert report by the Advisory Board of the Federal Chamber of Engineers written examination as well as oral/practical examination Decision on recognition by the recognition authority

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